A Tiny Tale New Book With Lushly Illustrated Pictures
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Every single person on this planet has creativity in them in some way or form. As to what it is that inspires us and causes this creativity to come out in a particular art form is one of the greatest mysteries of life. But sometimes something as simple as an entrancingly illustrated book can do it. A Tiny Tale is very likely one of those muse-like books for many creative people.

The story is an unusual journey for a character who steps out of his already unusual life and takes a path not taken to something new and different. It is inspiring and encouraging on many levels. The story will very likely have different meanings and resonances for different readers and appreciators of art. But its going to hit you strong and move you.

A Tiny Tale is not simply a book, but a work of art. On the right are the varied, complex and colorful words; on the left is breathtaking artwork that sometimes illustrates the writing, sometimes compliments it, and sometimes takes it to a whole new level. Each page is special and the reader will be taken away on their own journey as they enjoy the journey of the main character.

A Tiny Tale is not a children’s book, but it’s also not an adult’s book; it is a book for everyone! Each reader will find different things to enjoy and love, as well as question and perhaps even be angry at. It is a book you may read one way one year and completely different a decade later. It is a story to cherish and read to others, but also to selfishly enjoy over and over.

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"A Tiny Tale" is one of those very precious books that entrance and illuminate one's life with charm and wit to the delight of young and old and everyone else in-between. The story is simply told, but takes one down wonderfully diverse paths, some obvious and others exploring life's mysteries and connections. All this is accompanied by outstanding art work that complements and challenges the text.

The beauty and elegance of the art enhances the words with such invention and imagination that it is hard to know which scene is better portrayed, but this is a book to be treasured and enjoyed over and over again.

C. P. H.

1000 Signed & Hand Numbered - Limited Edition
Linen Wrapped, Foil Stamped, Hardcover Art Book, gsm170
124 pages full color - 8 3/4" X 13 1/4" 
Sample the Book
There is magic in our world (and romance too, and happiness) but they decline to enter unbidden. In this lushly illustrated fable for adults, the Little Thatch Man and his silly owls, scolding crickets, snoring snakes, and a rose petal clock (that knows the time but never tells), will all show you the way to unwrap your dreams and let them in. Book comes with bonus Read-Along Audio Complements. Turn the pages as you stream HER (award winning narrator Moira Quirk, that GUTS Girl), or HIM (John Billingsley, the eminent Doctor Phlox from Star Trek: Enterprise). This is an elegantly produced book deserving of a spot on the coffee table and a permanent place in your heart (and mind). It makes a great gift.

"A Tiny Tale" more than fills the romantic, life-affirming, challenging and transformative space left by "Griffin and Sabine" many years ago, proposing answers and cosmology and stairways to happiness on which every reader can ascend to find their own meaning.

written by Olivier Cri de Coeur
and illustrated by Margeaux Bancroft
with Moira Quirk and John Billingsley are meant to be listened to as you read the text and look at the pictures.
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A Few Lushly Illustrated Pictures From The Book:
A Couple of Wonderful Excerpts: